accounting Platform

Accounting Platform is a tool that enables you to host, access and work remotely on your preferred accounting software without the hassle of IT infrastructure, set-up and maintenance. Accounting Platform gives you the freedom to take advantage of Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) thereby saving up to 30% on CapEx and significantly much more month after month, year after year on OpEx.

Accounting Platform offers licensed-based lean and secure remote desktop / laptop access that gives you the flexibility and agility to work on your accounting software as if you were working on your own desktop / laptop from anywhere in the world. For instance, you could be based in North America while your Senior Accountant could be located in the Philippines and your CFO could be based out of India or just about anywhere in the world.

Ready to reap the advantages of significant cost savings and benefit from hiring a globally dispersed talent-force? Explore the benefits of Accounting Platform.

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In a dynamic and ever-adaptive business environment, Accounting Platform ensures business-continuity, and gives you the combined advantage of SaaS and PaaS.
accounting Platform