Plutus sets up accounts for new vendors, creates purchase orders, captures data from invoices, extracts invoice data to accounting systems, matches amounts to PO & delivery receipts, and authorizes payments effortlessly and with matchless speed.

Plutus works in tandem with the Business Support Team for supervision and approvals where necessary. The Cat does C(a)T scanning too.

Benefits of having Plutus in your team:

  • Ensure timely payment of bills.
  • Establish a strong credit.
  • Build long-term relationships with suppliers and vendors.
  • Do away with unnecessary spends in terms of overdue charges, penalties, fines for late or delayed payments.
  • Better cash flow management by proper utilization of credit lines.
  • Minimize errors, missed and duplicate entries.
  • Ensure accurate recording, tracking and financial reporting.

Plutus is available for hire and training as of today.

Check Plutus's work skill & process. Demo

Everything that Matters

  • KYS - Know your Suppliers. Onboard & consistent monitoring of ESG / Financial & Legal compliances
  • Invoice Processing Automation - LLM Models to Extract Unstructured Data Check out our extraction capabilities
  • Personalized Process Flow Automation - A workbench with 360 degree view of data for accurate decision making & exception handling.
  • Pre-Build connectors with ERP for data flow
  • Vendor Reconciliation Reports
  • Treasury Management - Cash Flow / Revenue Leakage
Accounting Automation Accounts Payable Process Flow